Abraham Lincoln November 1863


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You receive an invitation to visit your cousin to see his newest invention, a time machine.

He has built it in hopes of traveling back in time to save his hero, Abraham, but not realizing the dangers of time travel he had created a paradox!

It is up to you to save your cousin and fix the paradox he has caused.

Arriving at your cousin's humble home you discover his homemade time machine. After finding it you traveled back to the office of John Wilkes Booth 's doctor.

From there you make your way through time to the home of John Brown before ending up in the Ford's Theater where you shoot Abraham Lincoln and fix time.

In this game we have 70 minutes to make it through for them.

There is a dark maze at the end of the game. It's entirely pitch black and also entirely optional.

LATEST NEWS - MAY 25Th, 2021

Heat Warning - come down to the Escape Rooms and Escape the heat!!!

Come on down and beat the heat in our AC cooled lobby and rooms. We have plenty of water and drink also to keep you hydrated. Be safe over the next few days.

4Th of July Special

20 dollar per person first 2 weeks of July. 

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